I’ve been bundled!

Well, one of my stories has been bundled.

The story is The Curse of the Soiled Doves, about a magical mystery that magically mystifies a frustrated bureaucrat in California’s Department of Thaumaturgy.

It’s new.

Really new.

So new that it isn’t even officially released yet.

But you can get your very own electronic copy of The Curse of the Soiled Doves right this very minute as part of an awesome bundle called The Fantasy in the City Bundle.

Fantasy in the City

So now you’re wondering: What the heck is a bundle?

A bundle is a small collection of books that you can buy all together at a low, low price.

How low?

Crazy low.

Check this out: For $2.99—the list price of my not-even-officially-released-yet short story—you get not only The Curse of the Soiled Doves, but also seven other stories. All by terrific writers.

That’s 37.375¢ per short story! You can’t even get a pack of Beemans Gum for 37.375¢!

Now, that’s what I call value.

But that’s not all!

For only 50¢ more, you get another four stories. By four other terrific writers! That’s 12 short stories for $3.49!

And that’s a marginal cost of 12.5¢ for each of the additional four short stories. So that’s, like, wicked logical, economically-wise.

But wait! There’s more!

For one more slim Kennedy half dollar, you get yet another eight stories. All—you guessed it—by terrific writers! That’s 20 short stories for $3.99!

I can’t even tell you the marginal cost of these additional eight stories, because my calculator doesn’t go that low!

And here’s the truly amazing thing: There is no upper limit to how much you can pay for The Fantasy in the City Bundle!

Uh… hmmm. Maybe that’s not a great selling point.

But here’s something: At a click of a button, you can donate a percentage of your payment to Doctors Without Borders and the Humane Society. That right there is a great selling point. And it’s good for your karma. Not that that’s why you’d do it. Doing stuff because it’s good for your karma is not good for your karma.

Anyway, if you like my stories, The Fantasy in the City Bundle is a great way to grab my so-new-it’s-not-even-new-yet story and discover a whole bunch of other writers you will surely like.

They would like you, too, I bet. I’m pretty sure about that.

If you don’t like my stories, buy The Fantasy in the City Bundle anyway. Because these are terrific writers! Also that karma thing.

Not that that’s why you’d do it.